Covenantal Theology

The Eucharistic Order of History

By Donald J. Keefe, S.J.

784 pages
Novato, CA
Presidio Press, 1996
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Writing in the Heythrop Journal 36 (1995), B. R. Brinkman states that Fr. Keefe offers us a “fresh theological principle” by proposing the Eucharist as the key to understanding the movement of history as at once integral and free. Eugene TeSelle in America (vol. 168, no. 16) calls Fr. Keefe’s book a “suggestive” and “faith-centered” work that displays utter confidence in the fundamental coherence of all things, uniquely revealed in the “new and everlasting covenant” established by the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. “Man and his world,” Fr. Keefe writes, “have no truth other than the mystery of the Eucharist, and no meaning or significance which does not find there its source and its culĀ­mination.”

Fr. Keefe is Emeritus Professor of Theology at Fordham University. He taught on the faculties of Canisius College, St. Louis University, Donald J. Keefe, S.J.Marquette University and St. Joseph’s Seminary (Dunwoodie), Yonkers, New York. In 2002, Fr. Keefe was the Cardinal Edmund Szoka Distinguished Visiting Professor of Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Archdiocese of Detroit.

This work, perhaps the most innovative piece of Catholic systematic theology produced in America in the last fifty years, was first published in two volumes by University Press of America (1991). The Presidio Press revised edition contains the entire two volumes in one, and includes an Appendix that offers an important summary of the whole. The only remaining copies from the original Presidio printing, still in the publisher’s cellophane wrap, are available exclusively through:

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