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Discussion with Gordon College: Is God’s Truth always Mediated?

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Trip to Gordon College, April 4

Whether, and to what extent, the Truth of God (including, but not limited
to, revealed truth) permits–or even in some instances requires– mediation
through human language, images, concepts, acts of interpretation,
philosophical reflection, etc.  In other words, in this life do we ever have
immediate access to Divine Truth, or does it always come to us via human,
all-too-human mediating agency.

We will leave from Bradley House at 9:15 AM on Saturday April 4

From the organizers at Gordon:
“As background reading to set up the question, you might want to have
students in your philosophy-theology club take a look at James K.A. Smith’s
book, *The Fall of Interpretation*, in which he argues for the possibility,
inevitability and desirability of interpretive mediation of divine truth
from prelapsarian Eden even to the resurrected life.”

JKA Smith-Fall of Interpretation-Introduction

Here are similar works available online:
The Principle of Incarnation
Between Predication and Silence: Augustine On How (Not) to Speak of God
Lost in Translation


David Banach @ March 31, 2009

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