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Announcements of Public Events sponsored by the Philosophy Dpartment

 It Looks like we are scheduled for rain all day tomorrow, so we are moving the party inside into Bradley House Lounge. So stop by at 3:30 and say hello to all your friends in the Philosophy Department one last time before Summer takes us all our separate ways. There will still be plenty of food, so bring your appetite. We can practice counter-factual conditionals about who would have won the softball game! ;)



 The Philosophy Department Blog has a new entry: Prof. Joseph Spoerl has posted

 What is Grace?

Is there a force that pulls up up towards God when the world drags us downwards?

Discussion with Gordon College



The Philosophy Department Blog has a new entry: Professor Joseph Spoerl has posted

It is finally here!  Enjoy some godd food and fun before you take off for the summer.

If anyone wants to show up early around 3ish and help set up that would be great!



Philosophy/Great Books Picnic and Faculty-Student Softball Game

The Faculty Part honoring Prof. Farrell is Monday  and some students couldn't make Monday, so we are putting it off until Tuesday. Same Time and place.  We can only hope that the extra day of life experience for the students and the extra day of aging for the faculty won't make a difference. ;)




 It looks like tomorrow is pretty certain to be cold and wet, so we are rescheduling out Picnic and Softball game to Monday: same time,same place.


 Philosophy/Great Books Picnic and Faculty-Student Softball Game


 BACAP Lecture: "Philolaus on Number" by Richard McKirahan