// Meet the Philosophers Podcasts | Philosophy Department at St. Anselm College //

The Meet the Philosopher Series are interviews with the members of the Saint Anselm College Philosophy Department. They aim at introducing you to the members of the department along with their interests and ideas.

Prof. James Mahoney:
  In this interview, Professor Mahoney talks about his interests in Camus, Picasso, Alexander Calder, and Josiah Royce. You can find out more about these figures by clicking on the links on their names. http://www.anselmphilosophy.com/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=31

Prof. Robert Augros:  In this interview, Professor Augros talks about the challenges of teaching philosophy, as well as his recent work on Beauty and on Science, including some of the ideas in his two books:  The New Story of Science and The New Biology.

Prof. Montague Brown:  In this interview, Prof. Brown talks about his interest in St. Thomas Aquinas, freedom in both art and a rational human life, as well as the different roles of reason in the pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (the theme of his new book, The Restoration of Reason: The Eclipse and Recovery of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.)

Prof. Kevin Staley:  In this interview, Prof. Staley talks about how he got into philosophy, his interest in St. Thomas Aquinas’s metaphysics, as well as his interest in medieval science and alchemy and its relation to Neo-Platonism.

Prof. Joseph Spoerl:  In this interview, Prof. Spoerl talks about how he got into philosophy, some of his work in applied ethics, as well as his recent research on Islam and its history.

Fr. John Fortin OSB:  In this interview, Fr. John talks about the continuing relevance of Medieval Philosophy today, the Anselm Institute, and how the college has changed since he enrolled here in 1967.

Prof. Susan Gabriel:  In this interview, Professor Gabriel talks about her interest in Franz Brentano and about the importance of Human Dignity in Ethical Theory.

Prof. Robert Anderson:  In this interview, Professor Anderson talks about his work on the role of intention in ethics and about the difficulty of doing philosophy well.

Prof. David Banach:  In this interview, Professor Banach talks about his interests in Science, the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, and in technology.

Prof. Max Latona:  In this interview, Professor Latona talks about his interests in Ancient Greek and Indian Philosophy and about the role that the problem of human mortality has played in his philosophical development.

Prof. Thomas Larson:  In this interview, Professor Larson talks about how he became interested in philosophy and about his interests in Aristotle’s metaphysics and Plutarch.

Prof. Ed McGushin:  In this interview, Professor McGushin talks about his interest in literature, the philosopher Michel Foucault, and his experiences teaching philosophy to prisoners at the Women’s Prison in Goffstown.

Prof. Sarah Glenn:  In this interview, Professor Glenn talks about how she became interested in philosophy, her interest in science, and her work on the problem of parts and wholes.

Prof. Drew Dalton:

Drew Dalton will join the Philosophy Department in Fall semester of 2007. In this interview, Dr. Dalton talks about his initial attraction to philosophy and about his recent work on the nature of longing.