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  •  The study of philosophy is an indispensable part of a liberal education. In its critical function, philosophy teaches students to analyze arguments and to assess the value of various claims of knowledge. In its systematic function, it develops an integral view of the world, with a special focus on the human person and with final reference to God as the highest cause. In its ethical function, philosophy presents an account of the rational principles which ought to guide one's moral life. Accordingly, the Philosophy program endeavors to sharpen students' critical skills, integrate their knowledge of reality, and assist them in living a more rational and more worthy life.
  • All students take 3 courses in philosophy: Philosophy of Nature and Man, Ethics, and a philosophy elective. Students who major in philosophy follow a program in the history of philosophy and in the major branches of systematic philosophy. This is usually a three-year program, but students who become majors at the end of their Sophomore year will be able to complete their requirements. After graduation, many philosophy majors attend law school or graduate school; others pursue employment in a  variety of capacities, such as managerial positions in business and government.
  • Majors are required to take 10 courses in philosophy, including the histories of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophy, Philosophy of Nature and Man, Formal Logic, Ethics, Metaphysics, The Philosophy of Science, and The Senior Seminar. In addition, majors must select two Seminars in Liberal Studies in The Great Books.
  • There is now a Philosophy Minor. You can find the description, requirements, and forms Here.


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